Our collection

Our collection

Our collection is something that has been built up through years of collecting (specific) Playmobil items. For this we have been going to flea markets, second hand stores, fairs and online market places for a long time. This has ensured that we now have a relatively large collection consisting of everything, the most simple standard sets are present in our collection but also some rare and even almost unique items can be found in our collection.

As mentioned on the about us page we collect all kinds of things. Gerhard collects anything that has Playmobil on it where Justian leaves it at items made until 1996, special promos and merchandise such as catalogs or displays.

An overview of all the sets we have and in what condition they are can be seen via this external tool. All information about all types of sets and/or accessories of Playmobil that we collect is briefly explained below.

MISB sets

Justian's main focus in collecting is on collecting closed box sets up to 1996. Closed box sets include the concepts of MISB (mint in sealed box) or NRFB (never removed from box).

Collecting MISB items is special to me, this is because you get to hold a box that has been untouched in my collecting area for at least 25 years. When you put these boxes side by side it looks just like a small rack in a toy store. This special feeling is the reason why I collect MISB sets.

Justian Spijkerbosch

As it is difficult to find MISB boxes, our collection does not consist of very many of these items, but there are some nice MISB objects present such as the american blister of Schaper (an american company that had an export license for Playmobil).

Opened sets / sets without box

Collecting standard (vintage) sets in box or without box is also something we are engaged in. Getting one or more complete catalog years in original (opened) box is our motivation. We often come to sets by buying lots and sorting them out again and thus using several separate lots to come to a complete set. Meanwhile, we have a nice collection of sets, which we again keep up with tools such as the above from klickypedia.


We think displays are an essential part of our collection, they are often quite unique and we enjoy collecting them. Displays come in all sizes: from figures of 1.60m or 65cm to square cardboard with plastic surrounding blocks in which normal sets are displayed. In addition, we also collect original assortment lists in which these displays were listed with photo and price (these kinds of catalogs were issued annually by Playmobil).


Once in a while Playmobil releases a promo in cooperation with an external company or foundation. These are special sets where for example the logo of a company is printed on the figure. We also collect these sets, because these are often harder to find items and they fit well in our collection of promo boxes that we already had.

Export sets

Export sets are sets that have been released in the past by companies from abroad that had an export license in cooperation with Playmobil. These are companies from, for example, America (Schaper) that had permission to produce and release Playmobil sets in their own country. After a few years this has all been picked up by Playmobil themselves, so you now generally cannot buy Playmobil abroad from another export license. We have a number of export sets in our collection which we have therefore also purchased internationally on platforms such as Ebay, or which were part of an exchange deal with other collectors.

Anything interesting of your own?

Do you think you have something interesting at home after reading this page and do you want to sell and / or exchange, do not hesitate and contact us via our contact page.

An example of a fairly unique item in our collection, a Playmobil XXL figure measuring 1.60m.
An american Schaper blister.
An original display from Playmobil. This could be hung in a store.
An example of a promo set from Playmobil. These are Marten and Oopjen made by Playmobil in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum.
Spanish (Famobil) export sets that we found through a tip from a helpful collector in our circle of acquaintances in Portugal.